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Registered Apostille service with the FCDO, and recommended attestation service by all Gulf Embassies in the UK.

Certificates of origin & invoices

Certificates of origin & invoices

Certificate of origin and invoices for the UAE embassy in London

The UAE is the UK’s 18th largest trading partner, 14th largest export market and 20th largest import market.  Bilateral trade in 2017 was £17.5bn, up 12.3% from 2016.  The UAE-UK Business Council has committed to help increase bilateral trade and investment to £25bn by 2020.

As a trader, you will need to process export documents while shipping goods to the UAE, whether your company is a small business or a professional joint stock company, Premium legalisation Services, in cooperation with the Arab Chamber of Commerce will help you handle export documents, regulatory affairs and I.P. And all legal documents.

We assist many agents and companies across the UK and UAE, and our expertise qualifies to complete all applications in no time and take the hassle of paperwork from you.

Certificate of origin:
You can apply online to obtain a certificate of origin for your invoice by using our smart system. You just need to fulfil the form by entering the invoice and your company’s details. The certificate will be issued and certified by the Arab Chamber of Commerce, stamped by local chamber of commerce and legalised by the UAE Embassy in London.

Invoices will be stamped by the local chamber of commerce, certified by the Arab-British Chamber of Commerce and then to be checked also legalised by the UAE Embassy in London.

You can apply online to attest your invoice now in 3 easy steps:


One service for all the required stamps

Certificates of origin & invoices

In order to ship any goods to the UAE, a UK Certificate of Origin must be issued and attached to the invoice.

Both of these documents must be certified by the Arab-British Chamber of Commerce and legalised by the Embassy of the United Arab Emirates in London. 

Before applying to this service you will need the following:

1-The invoice value.

2-Your company infomration to fulfil the certificate of origin form.

This service will offer you the following:

1-UK certificate of origin certified by the Arab British chamber of commerce and legalised from the UAE Embassy In London.

2-Your invoice to be stamped by the Arab British chamber of commerce and legalised from the UAE Embassy In London.

Premium Legalisation service is here to help, we can legalise it for you, place your order now > send your invoice to us> receive it legalised and ready to use in the UAE, do it now in just 3 easy steps.

Service Time


Sending document(s)

Note that this payment exclude the courier and post service fees, document(s) has to be sent by a courier of your choice to our address

(Premium Legislation Services, Office 102, 95 Wilton Road, London, UK, SW1V 1BZ )

Return document(s)

Scan document(s)

Receive a scanned copy of your document(s) fully legalised to your email before shipping: +[£10] One-off payment for all your documents



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