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Registered Apostille service with the FCDO, and recommended attestation service by all Gulf Embassies in the UK.

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Up to 25% off until the end of June

Affordable standard and premium legalisation services by the UK foreign and commonwealth office and all embassies in the UK

100% Acceptance Guaranteed

Apostille and Embassy attestation
For all UK documents including birth, death, marriage, degrees and commercial certificates to make it ready for use worldwide.
Reliable team in London
100% acceptance GUARANTEED by the UK foreign and commonwealth office, and all Embassies in the UK.
The most preferred fast service for legalisation with special couriers to lodge and collecting documents and to help with any processing queries professionally.
our experienced team to take care of your documents to make it genuine so that it can be accepted when used in another country.
Easy and simple with our online user friendly interface
The most preferred legalisation service

Apostille services
Get your documents legalised Uk foreign development, and commonwealth office (FCDO).

Embassy attestation

Embassy attestation
Get your documents attested by more than 84 embassies in the UK.

UAE Embassy legalisation services

UAE Embassy Attestation

Get the UAE embassy Stamp on your apostilled document
£ 59
  • Standard UAE Full package

Full Legalisation Package Personal Documents

FCDO Apostille & the UAE Embassy Stamp
£ 125
  • Standard UAE Full package
best seller

Full Legalisation Package Commercial Documents

FCDO Apostille & the UAE Embassy Stamp
£ 580
  • Standard UAE Full package
best seller

Other Services


Translation services to national and international clients across multiple sectors and time zones.

Certificates replacement

Replacement for all certificates (birth, death, and marriage) from GRO (General Register Office) ​

Other Embassies

Premium Legalisation Services IconPremium Legalisation Services

Office 102, 95 Wilton Road, London

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Premium Legalisation Services

Premium legalisation services the fastest and safest service to get your documents legalised and even easier with our online user-friendly interface. We can arrange for the legalisation of documents for the Foreign and Commonwealth Office and with our strong relations with all foreign Embassies in London beside that a reliable relation with the Arab British chamber of commerce, we offer our services to individuals and companies in the UK and overseas.

What Our Client’s Say

I had to submit my documents within one week, was really frustrated about how to legalise my documents within this few days before the deadline, premium legalisation service saved my job, thanks a lot ”

emma, lincolnshir, UK