Kuwait Embassy Attestation - London

kuwait embassy legalisation

Kuwait Embassy Attestation - London

kuwait embassy legalisation

Are you using your document(s) in Kuwait?

Kuwait has the highest-valued currency in the world and that attracts everyone to find their opportunity to work or to do business to benefit from this, if you are looking to work or to do business in Kuwait, then you will definitely need our advice and services.

All what you need to do is to send your document(s) to us and we will do the rest, we will get it certified from a solicitor, apostilled from the FCO (Foreign and Commonwealth Office) and legalised from the Kuwaiti Embassy then send it back to you wherever you are around the world.

Using our service of legislation from the Kuwaiti Embassy will save you the hassle and give you a full peace of mind, we will make sure you get what you ask for in a perfect time scale that suits you.

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Academic certificate. £ 15.00 0
Individual Power of attorney. £ 15.00 0
Any other individual document. £ 15.00 0

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(Premium Legislation Services, Office 102, 95 Wilton Road, London, UK, SW1V 1BZ )

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If you have an specific requirements or your document(s) needs more customisation and more options for legalisation, why you do not try the full legalisation form. Designed for the complicated requirements and to understand the process for the legalisation of the non UK document(s), Save your time and try it now.
  • Notes
  • Please contact us for legalisation of commercial document(s), as documents have to be checked first by the Kuwaiti Embassy.
  • For Bills and invoices please contact us to arrange for legalisation by the Arab British chamber.
  • ACCA Certificate has to be certified on it’s original document, therefore certified copy can not be made.
  • Irish documents can be legalised with special request, please contact us now

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