Certification service

Certification service

Identify your personal information, signature and your document content by using our certification services.

Countries which are members of The Hague Convention of 1961, formal documents may need to be authenticated by a UK solicitor or notarised (i.e. certified by a Notary Public) and then legalised by Apostille (i.e. certified again by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office). Countries which is not member of The Hague Convention, formal documents may need to be authenticated by a UK solicitor or notarised (i.e. certified by a Notary Public) and then legalised (i.e. certified again) by that country’s foreign consulate or embassy. If you have been advised that certain documents require notarisation and/or legalisation, you will need to make an appointment with a Notary Public in order to arrange this. Premium legalisation services will authenticated your documents on your behalf with a UK solicitor or by a notary public to offer you a wide range of services for individual and industrial clients for British and non-British documents.
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This application designed for document(s) which is need to be certified only by either a british solicitor or a british notary public, exclude and without the forign and commenwealth office (FCO) legalisation and without any Embassy attestation in UK .

For full legalisation by the UK foreign and commonwealth office, solicitor or notary public and any Embassy in the UK , please choose the Full Legalisation Package Click here for a Full Legalisation Package .

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Certification Service

Certification Service

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Certification Service

You can not use this service for a Uk document(s) signed by the UK registrar, certification is not required for this type of document(s).

Certification Service

Certification is required.

Certification Service

Certification is required.

Please choose the second option (+ Add this Service) if you have a document(s) issued from outside the UK or if you have any legal UK document ex.(power of attorney) signed outside the UK. Some offcial bodies in the UK require the foreign document(s) to be attested by it's relative Embassy in the UK first and to be certified either by a UK solicitor or UK notary public. Choosing the first option might fail the legalisation process.

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A service made for documents which are required to be authenticated by a UK solicitor or notarised (i.e. certified by a Notary Public) prior to submission for the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office. Or if you want to get a notarial certificate or any written statement ex(affidavit) signed and sealed by notary public.

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